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Optimising equipment operation for warmer temperatures

Submitted by Élyse Fournier 10th August 2017 15:15

Heat&Glo, 2014


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) provides natural gas and electric power to 15 million people in northern and central California. In 2008, PG&E convened a science team to evaluate global climate-related risks, assess climate change modelling, and identify best adaptation practices for the company’s assets. Some equipment in the company’s substations was assessed to be vulnerable to increasing temperatures. Therefore, PG&E worked with the equipment manufacturer's engineers on the development of operating practices to reduce the vulnerability of substations to climate change impacts. 

At a Glance

Industry sector: Transmission, Distribution, and Transfer
Type of resources: Generic
Type of energy: Electricity
Adaptation type: Management Design and operation standards, guidelines, tools and schedules
Organization: Pacific Gaz and Electricity Company
Organization type: Utility