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Risk assessment of gas transmission and distribution infrastructure in the UK

Submitted by Élyse Fournier 10th August 2017 14:04
power line


Power transmission and distribution infrastructure might become more vulnerable to the impact of climate change, such as flooding, river erosion, and rising temperatures. In the UK, National Grid Gas plc has taken steps to improve its resilience by producing a risk assessment. The analysis indicates that overall National Grid Gas plc’s assets and processes are resilient to climate change. In many cases, adaptation actions are already in place to manage the impacts of climate change. In this case study, National Grid Gas plc also acknowledges that climate adaptation is an evolving science. Hence a flexible approach was adopted, allowing the reassessment of risks as further information becomes available.

At a Glance

Industry sector: Transmission, Distribution, and Transfer
Type of resources: Generic
Type of energy: Electricity
Adaptation type: Informational Climate services Management Insurance and financial risk management
Organization: National Grid
Organization type: Utility

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