Élyse Fournier

Climate Scenarios and Services Specialist

Élyse Fournier earned a Master’s in civil engineering from the Université de Sherbrooke. As an undergraduate, she consulted in municipal engineering and construction. She has worked on issues such as hydrological modeling and management of water resources in a changing climate. At Ouranos since 2014, Mrs. Fournier carries out projects related to energy- and water-management programs in Québec and internationally as part of the Climate Scenarios and Services Group.


The state of New York launching a full portfolio of measures to adapt to climate change

The state of New York launching a full portfolio of measures to adapt to climate change

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Securing Rail Shipping in a Warming Climate

The US Federal Railroad Administration adopting new safety standards to protect against rail buckling

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Implementing a risk management system for the British Power Grid

Western Power Distribution producing a risk assessment to climate change to start increasing its resilience to climate change.

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Optimising equipment operation for warmer temperatures

PG&E developing operating practices to reduce the vulnerability of substation equipment to increasing temperatures.

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Using Climate Change Risk Assessment Wisely

EirGrid and ESB Networks completing a climate change risk assessment to manage climate risks, to develop policies and procedures and to establish an adaptation plan.

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Using an economically sensible approach to address climate risks in coastal zones

Entergy is addressing climate risks with a consistent framework and fact-based approach to develop economically sensible solutions in U.S. Gulf Coast.

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