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The Energy Adaptation Map is a platform to pool and provide examples of adaptation to climate change in the energy sector. It allows practitioners, professionals, researchers and policy makers to access information on how proactive players in the energy sector respond to the challenges of present and future climatic changes and impacts.

The platform allows the user to share their own experiences and lessons learnt with the Energy Adaptation Map platform. As such, it is designed to facilitate learning, exchange, collaboration and knowledge integration to build a professional community of research and practice on adaptation issues while developing policy-relevant tools and guidance for adaptation planning and decision-making.

The platform classifies adaptation case studies according to location, industry sector, the type of resource, the type of energy and the type of adaptation to facilitate the identification of adaptation case studies of interest. We hope that the platform will increase the visibility of new and innovating climate adaptation actions in the energy sector.

The Energy Adaptation map was developed in a collaboration of Ouranos with Natural Resources Canada's Climate Change Adaptation Platform and is integrated into the weADAPT Adaptation Layer.

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